Mind Hacker

A game I made for Ludum Dare 29

Check it out right here:

Made in 48 hours from idea to release. I joined Ludum Dare 29 with a clear vision in my mind: To
make an art game. So basically this time I wanted to focus more on art style, presentation &
graphics than on programming or technical excellence.


What went right:

  1. Deadline was clearly set and I finished my work several hours before it. So the timing was
  2. The game was complete – all the levels, features, objectives.
  3. Art style was exactly the same as it was in my head during the planning stage.
  4. Players liked it!


What went wrong:

  1. I should have put more focus on the main character.
  2. I thought that nobody will finish the game, so i didn’t make an game end screen. I was wrong.
  3. I didn’t vote on other games, so my score multiplier was small.

What others say:

Nice exploration game!

– Split82

Awesome Game 🙂

– Glint Games

Fun game 😀

Loved the gameplay ^^

– donan

I love voxel characters.good level design.

– martinysa0311

Loved the concept. Switching bodies is really fun. Good job on the audio as well.

– Miltage

Tech used:


As you can see the game is 3D almost without textures, it is just colors and lights with some 3D
models and funny sounds.

This way I managed to cut on time spent drawing and could afford to put more time into programming
game mechanics.



Hats included as a game mechanic! 🙂


Screen Shots:




Using mind switch you can transport your consciousness to any other character and use them for any task.

What do you think?

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