Age of Defenders

Multi-Player tower defense & offense game with deep competitive game-play, beautiful visuals & engaging storyline.


I helped make this game in the following areas:

  1. Performance
  2. Memory optimizations
  3. Tablet porting
  4. Low level Stage3D rendering
  5. Asset loading
  6. Asset server versioning
  7. UI


My skills distribution:


AS3 Stage3D: low level rendering, memory management, performance and memory profiling and optimizations, text rendering of any language

AS3: performance improvements, ui, loading parallelization, localization tools etc.

Java: tools for faster development workflow and faster release process – asset versioning, server file versioning, loading script etc.

Achievements, Base customization, no pay walls & no pay to win mechanics – what more can you ask for?

One of my core responsibilities was to get the game on tablets (iOS / Android) and make it run smooth even on old devices like iPad2.


What do you think?

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