Martin Senovsky

My name is Martin Senovsky.
I’m a computer geekĀ focusing on modern technologies.
Solving unsolvable problems is my speciality!

Hi there!


Programming skills:


I’m all-in with OOP, learning and doing mostly cross-platform stuff.

I’m always open to new problems & challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you think
you’ve got a challenge for me!


Get to know me better!

  1. Check out my projects on this website
  2. Read my CV here: Martin Senovsky CV English.pdf
  3. Or here (slovak): Martin Senovsky CV Slovak.pdf
  4. See my social profiles – links are on the bottom right on the main page
  5. Contact me –
  6. Or just read on:


Platforms I target:


I’d love to make some experiments for consoles, but sadly the process to get on Playstation or XBox is still too complicated. I hope it will change soon.

2014-09-01 16.30.50

Why I make mostly Games?

It’s fun and challenging at the same time.

Game making process consist of many different tasks like:

Market analysis, creative thinking, game design, level design, ui, ux, advertisement / marketing, deadlines / milestones, analytics, art, monetization, programming different tools, being a visionary

and finally programming the game itself.

Making a game doesn’t restrict me in anything: I can choose whatever theme I want, I can use any programming language (and I often use more than 3 on a single game) and most importantly: I can do whatever I want.


What do you think?

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