Void Rangers

First person shooter defense game for VR devices. Randomly generated loot, Endless waves, Upgrades & Leaderboards. Our galaxy is under attack by our own AI and only you can stop it.

Quotes from reviews

“If you wondered what Space Pirate Trainer was training you for, it’s Void Rangers.”, Cliff
“Well that was unexpectedly fun.”, Shadow
“If you are looking for a shooting game similar to Space Pirates, gun drops like Borderlands, and the ability to go different worlds and levels with never a dull moment to be had, well then this game is for you.”, John Gulbany
“Cool Diablo-like loot with upgrades: check”, Frorath
“Void Rangers is very similar to Space Pirate Trainer, with some neat additional features.”, CryMor Gaming

I made this whole game, except for most of the models, textures & sounds (those were bought).


My skills distribution:


Unity3D: low level rendering, memory management, performance and memory profiling and optimizations, text rendering of any language

C#: performance improvements, ui, loading parallelization, localization tools etc.



One of my core responsibilities was to get the game on tablets (iOS / Android) and make it run smooth even on old devices like iPad2.


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