Match 3 Tetris


I made this challenging match 3 game before that genre got massively popular. And I even added a nice +1 mechanic to the game: Physics!


Technology used:


AS3: full game from art to code was made in flash AS3.

Game features:

  • simple on-boarding progress
  • single-player game
  • 2 player co-op
  • 2 player versus
  • 3 player co-op
  • achievements
  • player progression
  • tutorial
  • powerups
  • online high scores
  • unlockables
  • mochimedia ads


The game offered high replay-ability with many badges, achievements and other end-game content. Sadly I focused so much on programming that I completely forgot to add sounds and music and that costed me on ratings.


The game should be still alive at kongregate, but there might me some issues after the shutdown of mochimedia.

What do you think?

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